How can I validate a digital signature applied using Docsvault?
Posted by Archie on 23 April 2015 02:30 PM

The built in Docsvault PDF viewer can identify a digitally signed PDF file and will automatically validate all digital signatures in the document. The result of the validation process will be displayed in a special signature strip at the top of the document. Digitally signed PDF's can also be validated using Adobe's Acrobat Reader in the same way.


If you send a digitally signed PDF to someone outside your company who does not have the Docsvault software installed they will have to go through a one time process of downloading and running the Docsvault validation tool on their PCs. Once the Docsvault trusted certificates are installed on the client machine, the client can validate PDFs signed by any Docsvault user in your company by simply opening them up in Acrobat Reader on their machine.

The Docsvault Validation/Trust tool can be found here: