Can Docsvault be integrated with 3rd party application like SAP, SAGE CRM, MAS 100, etc.?
Posted by Archie on 04 July 2014 06:15 AM

There are three integration possibilities with Docsvault and your choice of integration method would depend on the type of integration you want with Docsvault.

1. Using Docsvault’s REST based API you can achieve a comprehensive bidirectional data exchange with other applications either directly from the third party application or through a middleware. API allows you the most flexibility and gives you access to almost every aspect of the Docsvault software. 

2. Using the Advanced Profiles add-on you can fetch dynamic index values from external SQL based databases when filling up document profile values in Docsvault. Docsvault support simple one value lists or multiple dependent index values based on one or more primary indexes.  

  1. Smart Search: Smart Search feature allows users to access Docsvault files/folders that match highlighted text in any third party application with a simple ‘hotkey’. This allows for a virtual integration of Docsvault repository with any other application you use in your routine work.