What steps do I have to follow to move my current Docsvault edition to a new machine
Posted by Latika on 27 August 2015 12:44 AM

To move your current Docsvault edition to a new computer follow the steps below:

Server Side:

  1. On the Docsvault server computer, note the current version of Docsvault you are using by opening the server manager dialog and clicking on the 'Licensing' tab.
  2. Back up your current data from under the 'Repository' tab to a removable media or a network share which you can access from the new computer. 
  3. Install the 30 days trial of Docsvault server for your version. You can get the installation file for your version of Docsvault from your client center.
  4. Once the server software is installed, start the server manager and create a default repository. Now from under the repository tab, just restore the data that you backed up on the old server.
  5. Administrators can now deactivate their Docsvault license from old server machine to set it free for activation on a new server machine. Note that, as per the licensing terms, Docsvault should be activated only on one machine at a time. From v7.0 onwards, you can directly deactivate your license from the Docsvault Server Manager window. Select the 'License' node and then click the 'Deactivate' button. 

Client Side:

To reconnect your clients to the new server, just turn off the old Docsvault server computer and start the Docsvault clients. The clients will display a message that they could not connect to the server. In that dialog box, just check the option "Enter the server name" to specify the name of the new server. 

Once everything is working fine, uninstall the Docsvault server from the old computer and contact us again with either your activation key or the email you used during the purchase to reopen the activation for your key. Since you will have unrestricted access to all the features in the new installation for 30 days, this reactivation process shall not obstruct your work.

In addition to above points, the Enterprise users have to take care of the following:

Web Server:

If Docsvault web server is not moved-

Configure Docsvault Web Server to point to the new Docsvault Server.  Start Docsvault Web Manager and go to 'Configuration' tab. Specify the new Server name and click on 'Change' to save the changes.

If Docsvault web server is moved-

Install Docsvault Web server on the new machine and specify the new Docsvault Server name. Configure Docsvault Web again.