How to capture emails using Docsvault's Auto Email Capture?
Posted by Latika on 08 February 2015 06:00 PM

You can configure Docsvault to automatically capture emails from any email server that supports IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). The process to capture emails can be summed up in following three steps: (Note: This feature is available in Enterprise edition only)

From the Server Manager dialog on the server side select the Email Capture node. Click on new button to set up a new email capture job.

Step1: Enter mail server and email account in the first step of this wizard

Step2: Set capture rules based on criteria like name, email address, subject, body, etc. to only capture desired emails

Step3: Set filing criteria for email and/or attachments 

In addition to automatic email capture, Docsvault is also integrated into MS Outlook which allows you to select individual emails in Outlook and import entire email or its attachments directly into Docsvault.