How do I move the location of my data repository?
Posted by Latika on 29 November 2017 10:56 AM

To move your data repository (it’s basically an SQL server database) to a new location you can follow one of the steps below depending on your situation: 

  1. If SQL Server Express was installed by Docsvault:
    From the Docsvault Server Manager dialog, go to the Repository node and use the “Change...” button in the Repository Location to choose a new location for your repository. See image below for reference

  2. If you are using your own SQL server to host Docsvault Data:
    Use SQL Server Management Studio to detach your database, move all database files (*.mdf, *.ldf and the DVFStream folder) to the new location, and reattach the database with the same db name. No configuration change is required on the Docsvault side for this move as in this case Docsvault simply connects to your SQL server database and is not aware of the actual db file locations.