How do I create a document request link?
Posted by Kam Saggu on 23 November 2016 08:35 AM

You can create a document request link in the Docsvault Client from Request Link under My Workspace > Public share node

  • Click New button. Navigate to the folder where you want the uploaded files to be stored
  • On the Document Request Link screen you can copy the request link by clicking the Copy link and pasting it into an email, instant message etc. Or you can use Email Request Link option to send email via Docsvault to your external users.
  • Depending on how secure you want to keep a link, you can set your Request Options:
    • Require Sender Information: This ensures that senders log in by providing their basic information such as first name, last name, and company name. Useful for tracking access when receiving files from external users.
    • Expiry: Set how long you want the upload link to be accessible. If you select this option, by default it will be valid for 30 days which can be edited at anytime
    • Allowed Extensions: This setting allows you to set the desired file types for upload. Simply specify the file extensions separated by a ' , ' (comma). Example: pdf, doc, xls, tiff, tif – only these file types will be uploaded leaving out any other undesirable file types.
    • Password: A password protected link allows only authorized users to upload files
    • Max file size:  Select this option to set maximum file size limit for uploads (by default it is 25 MB).
    • Max # of files:  Select this option to set the maximum number of files allowed for upload (by default it is 10).
    • Title: Enter an informative title for your Documents Request web page.
  • Notification: Select the users who should be notified when documents are uploaded
  • Email Request Link:
    • Email Address: Enter a Recipient for your message. You can enter an email address manually or select users from your address books - simply start typing the email address or name of a previous recipient and a list of emails matching the keyword would be displayed.
    • Subject: Enter a subject for your message.
    • Message: Customize your email message.
  • Click Share to send the email invitations.