Can I insert hyperlinks in a form?
Posted by Kam Saggu on 22 November 2016 06:00 AM

You can have hyperlinks in Forms for users to navigate to a different site or a page. Here are the fields which can be used to create a hyperlink in a form.

HTML Editor - You are allowed to insert hyperlinks to display on your form. 

  • Go to the edit mode of your Form Designer.
  • Drag and drop the HTML Editor field in your form.
  • Go to Field Properties and click on Edit
  • Select Link icon from the toolbar.
  • Enter the text to display and the URL link and specify if you wish to open in new window.
  • Click Insert Link button and Save the changes in Editor.

When you access the form in live mode, the hyperlink gets displayed in the form.


The other options available are:


Website field - A predefined control for web URLs

Notes - In Notes control, you will need to write the html syntax for hyperlink.

For example:

<a href="">Visit our Website</a> will appear as: Visit our Website.