Does Docsvault support notifications?
Posted by Latika on 24 October 2011 08:55 AM

Yes. In environments where changes to documents must be instantly communicated and tracked, Docsvault has a powerful built in Alerts Notification System. The alerts engine can perform several different tasks throughout the Docsvault system.

The alerts notification system allows Administrators to:

- set administrative email alerts for server status that can be sent to multiple email addresses
- automatically email new or reset passwords to Docsvault users
- broadcast any system downtime or system usage tips, conventions or changes to all Docsvault users

The alerts notification system allows Users to:

- set their own email notifications of selected activities on any file or folder that is important to them
- get update alerts for changes to tasks and work routes they are involved in
- quickly email any document as an attachment from right within Docsvault using the Quick Email feature without going through their default email program

This system ensures that both the users and the Docsvault administrator can stay informed about changes happening to documents or tasks that are important to them.