Updates from Previous Version

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Updates from Previous Version




Please refer to the What’s New section before upgrading to see if there are any breaking changes.



Steps to Upgrade Server Side:

Backup your data: Backup your current data. Although we don't anticipate any trouble it is good idea to always have a backup before upgrading any software.

Download the latest version of Docsvault setup files from your Client Center Login.

Stop Docsvault services from under the services node in the server manager dialog. Note: do not stop the SQL server service if you see one in your services list. Now exit the server manager once services are stopped.

Install the server side over existing version and follow the on screen instructions. Once the install is complete, run the Server Manager to start the upgrade process. Note that migration from older versions may take longer depending the size of your repository.



Steps to Upgrade Desktop Client Side:


Use the new client installation file to install the latest version over the current version. It is not required to uninstall the prior version as the new installer will do that automatically.


Steps to Upgrade Web Client Side: [Enterprise Edition & Ultimate Edition]


Important: Please manually uninstall the web application from Windows Control Panel > Programs and Features first. New Web application should not be installed directly over the old one due to many configuration changes.


Use the new web client installation file to install the new version on your machine and follow the on-screen instructions. Reset the website bindings from IIS interface. Click on Setting up Web Client to learn how to reset proper Docsvault Web application bindings again.