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Windows Explorer Integration

Windows Explorer Integration

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Windows Explorer Integration

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Integrate Docsvault with Windows Explorer

Docsvault is seamlessly integrated into Windows Explorer ‘Open’ and ‘Save As’ dialogs. In addition to the File > Open/Save dialog integration, Docsvault also appears under ‘My Computer’ in Windows Explorer where users can drop files and folders to import them into Docsvault.


This new feature brings:


Seamless Integration with Desktop Applications


The Windows Explorer File Open/Save dialog provides instant access to Docsvault storage directly from any Windows desktop application that uses ‘File > Open/Save’ dialogs. This means that you can now interact with the Docsvault repository right from any application.

Drag-and-Drop facility using Drop Folder under My Computer

Complete folder structures can be copied from the desktop into Docsvault repository with a simple drag-and-drop operation. The necessary folders are created in Docsvault, files are imported, and indexes values can be set on each file imported



Integration with Windows Explorer



Windows File Open/Save As


information Information


To display Docsvault in the tree view (left panel) of Windows 7 Open/Save dialogs, you might need to do the following:
1. In Windows Explorer, press Alt key to display the menu bar. Then select Tools menu --> Folder Options...
2. Check 'Show All Folders' in the General tab.
3. Click OK.