What's New in V5.5.0726

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What's New in V5.5.0726


New Features


New: Custom fields in search result: Ability to specify desired columns in search result including indexes as columns

New: Exports lists in multiple formats:   Ability to export data list as csv, pdf, xls, xlxs and xml format.

New: Document ID: Automated unique document ids created by the system allowing for easier reference and retrieval

New: Multi PDF Merge – Order and merge multiple PDF files into one single PDF.

New: Skip OCR version option to skip new version for OCRed PDFs. The original PDFs will be overwritten with new OCRed PDFs instead of creating a new file version to conserve space if desired.

New: Saved Search option to display saved

before executing it allows you to modify the saved search query by adding, changing, or removing filters.

New: Completely new scanning control with significantly improved responsiveness and better memory utilization.





Enhancement: Search:-

o Improved search speed by optimizing search queries

o Easy access to 'Quick Search' option. Quick Search option is now directly accessible from the sub toolbar of the main Docsvault window.

o You can now search files and folders with its document Id generated by Docsvault


Enhancement: Document Notes: Document Notes will appear in the descending order with the last note on the top.

Enhancement: Scanning:

oSave position of thumbnail view in Scan form - Thumbnails preview size of scanned pages in the scan form will be saved and remember for the next scanning session.

oScan window can be minimized and be set to work in background while you continue working in Docsvault

Enhancement: The last position and size of import dialog is now remembered

Enhancement: Quick Email: Email option BCC added to 'Quick Email' option.

Enhancement: Filing Area: Pending File count will be displayed against each watch folder job with Filing Area as import destination.

Enhancement: Copy/Paste:  You can now duplicate the files in the same location using copy & paste option. Docsvault will add suffix '- Copy' to the new file.

Enhancement: Rubber Band OCR now also available in ‘Import’ dialog.

Enhancement: Opening File from bottom panel: You can double click and view the related files directly from the bottom information panel




Fixed: Folder Ownership rights: Fixed the issue of resetting the Ownership Override rights of all files and folders under specific folders. 

Fixed: Add-ins plugins: fixed add-ins failing in certain scenario.

Fixed: File Version:-

oResolved security issue of user being able to delete file versions from Version History.

oResolved the issue of version ownership displayed in version history dialog

Fixed: Scanning: Resolved the issue of memory leak while deleting a blank page from the preview panel in scan dialog.

Fixed: Audit Trail: Audit events are not correctly displayed in the bottom information panel under audit tab for deleted users too

Fixed: Rubber band OCR: Resolved the issue of a field being skipped when using the tab key to move around in right panel.

Fixed: Document Profiles: Resolved the issue of first two indexes being added to profile when a new index is created from within the profile dialog.

Changes: File listing:- Created and Assessed date columns will not appear by default in the files and folders listing.