What's New in v5.7.0927

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What's New in v5.7.0927


Over and above all features in the Small Business edition, the Enterprise edition also includes the following:



New:  Web Access: Access your documents from anywhere in the world using simple web browser while still keeping full control over your documents by hosting them on your own server on-site Upload, share, search and retrieve documents from any location via the Internet. You can now perform document management tasks from home or while on the go.


New:  Share Link: Unique web URLs provides a quick and easy way to share your business documents with your customers, vendors or business associates.  Eliminate hassles and risks of sharing files using ftp servers and email attachments. Ensure distribution of latest versions and get full traceability of your shared resources.

New:  Retention: Create retention policies for different types of documents and dispose them in accordance with local laws and industry standards. Manage the entire life-cycle of physical records and digital documents – from its safe storage, classification, circulation to its final authorized disposition.

New:  Export documents with full metadata: You can export any individual file/folder or the entire repository in the original format along with its metadata information like profiles, descriptions and document notes.

New: Schedule repository export: Schedule automatic exports of the entire repository in its original format at desired interval. Keep a parallel copy of your repository contents in normal Windows folders.

New: Reports:  Gain instant insight into key activities in Docsvault. All these reports can be viewed, printed or saved as pdf, html, rtf, xls, xlxs, csv, text format.


New:  Export Profile Values:  One click export of complete document profiles for any profile in Docsvault in csv,pdf, xls, xlsx and xml format.


• NewAdvanced audit trail:  Complete logging of document activities for comprehensive auditing.

 Audit Trail logs all activities along with from–to information on events.