What's New in v9.0

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What's New in v9.0

New “Document Status” Feature replaces the old Flag system

You can now customize different “Document Status” (Draft, Published, Finalized, etc.) with corresponding flags, security and ownership changes

Change in Document Status can automatically trigger a corresponding change in ownership, security and flag of a document

Option to retain versions of documents in any particular document status

Create separate “Shared Links” for any previous versions too in addition to the latest version of the document

Only Owners, Admins and users with overwrite rights can change document status without creating new version to prevent unauthorized change in Document Status

If allowed, normal users can still create new versions of documents until its finalized


Custom Email Alerts on Document Events

   Users now have an option to send email alerts to other people in addition to themselves. This option is a good way for administrators and

  managers to setup email alerts on any files or folders in Docsvault for a group of people.


New Batch Folder Creation

Administrators can create new folders in batch using data from simple CSV file

When cabinets are set to use any particular folder template, the batch folder creation will create entire folder templates as necessary


Duplicate Files Finder

A new feature to easily find duplicate files in your repository by name or by size

You can restrict the scope of your search to any particular cabinet or folder

Results can be filtered further or exported out for further manipulation in other applications


Request for Check-In feature

A one click option to create a notification task requesting check-in of a currently checked out document


New Document Profiling Features

Index value AutoComplete feature is now optional and can be set from the Options dialog

Delete erroneous or unnecessary previous index values from the value suggestions dropdown list with a simple click

When index value is set to inherit from parent folder, values will be inherited even if a different profile is assigned to the parent folder

File Name Templates based on index values now work for naming folders as well

Numeric index field values do not use comma separator anymore


Document Versions

You can now directly export individual document version from its Version History. 

A new server side option to enable automatic appending of version numbers to documents being exported manually by users from the Desktop and Web clients  





PDF Redaction and Image Correction    

You can now save or email your edits directly from the Image Correction window making redaction of documents very simply without having to create a new version

New 'Flip' control added: This tool helps you flip image vertically creating mirror image

Changed menu name from 'Image Correction'  to “Image Correct and Redact” under PDF options menu


Profile Search Enhancements

Dynamic date variables for Date type index fields. Ex: Today, Tomorrow, Next Month, Last Year, etc.


Custom Index Field Validation Masks
Revamped the interface for applying masks to index fields for data validations

Backup Enhancements

You now have an option to split the backup file into multiple files leading to faster backups using multiple threads as well as producing smaller manageable files that can be moved across the network or uploaded to the cloud easily.

Docsvault now performs DBCC checks to ensure the integrity of the current database before actually taking backups. A warning message is displayed if the DBCC integrity check fails.


Document Tasks:

Added Check In and Digital Sign options in right click menu for attached documents



Notification dialogs in system tray remain open until users close them manually