What's New in v7.0.1014

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What's New in v7.0.1014



Selecting Docsvault connection from a drop list:  This option now allows users to easily switch the Docsvault Server connection in the desktop client login form when working within local or remote networks.

Advanced Import Add-on:

oYou can now capture files from watch folder based on the file extension e.g pdf, docs, xlxs.

oAdded option to import files without corresponding index values in 'Actual Files W/O Index' added in Capture Type - Step 2 of Advanced Import

Automatic Workflow Transitions: Workflow transitions now check for any automated transitioning set for the next step and will automatically transition it further or cancel the workflow if specified criteria for automatic transitioning is matched.

Document Task: An alert message will be displayed when assigning a document task is assigned to a user if that user does not have 'read' rights on the associated documents

Deactivation: Administrators can now deactivate their license from one server machine to set it free for activation on a new server machine.

Email Capture: Now the default option for Capture Rules Configuration - Step 2 of Email Capture is set to "Match any Rule".

CD/DVD Burning: Burn to CD/DVD feature deprecated due to diminishing use of CD/DVDs for data storage

Initial Configuration: SQL connectivity method to customers own SQL servers replaced by more robust and quicker TSQL method



Fixed: Issue of  'All Indexes' button displayed as disabled in Properties > Profile tab under certain scenario

Fixed: Issue of crashing in Word with embedded excel file in a document.

Fixed: Issue of validating a folder before it is deleted, moved or copied if that folder is part of an automated Workflow Cancel action

Fixed: Issue of validating a flag before it is deleted or cleared  if that flag is part of an automated Workflow Cancel action

Fixed: Incorrect location displayed in Email Alert when any files/folders are exported from the search result.

Fixed: Incorrect symbol displayed for 'Not equal to' condition in Workflow.