What's New in v7.0

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What's New in v7.0


New Features


Email Automation Add-on: This add-on consists of following features:

oEmail Capture: A smart way to capture emails from your company email servers, email servers hosted with ISPs and even from services like Gmail, Hotmail & Yahoo. It is smart enough to allow you to capture only desired emails and attachments, so that your faxes, orders and other important emails can be captured directly to your Docsvault repository without having to search through them manually in your mailbox.

oEmail Archive: Allows you to easily archive all your company email communications by account, year and other criteria for compliance and e-discovery..

oAuto Emailing: A feature to automatically send customized emails based on predefined rules. This is a great feature to send reminder emails for expiring policies, contracts, payment reminders or for any other purpose that is time sensitive.

Advanced Import Add-on: Docsvault's Advanced Import add-on is an extension of the simple import feature and is typically used used to capture data exported from other applications or scanning software. Using the Advanced Import method, documents from a watch folder can be imported based on their meta data available in separate csv index files. You can automatically name and file documents based on captured meta data while populating their document profiles in Docsvault.




Audit Trail: A new audit event 'Flag Assigned' added to document events log


oYou can now make use of the asterisk (*) character as a placeholder for any unknown or wildcard terms for searching within document contents. e.g " * policy"

oSearch in 'Current Folder only': You can now restrict searches only within the root folder specified in 'Look In' option to exclude search in its sub folders

oSpeed increase in search results listing.

Route document option renamed to 'Document tasks'

Options 'cut, copy, paste, delete,and rename' in the document right click menu have been grouped under an 'Edit' option

Shortcut key Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut added for print in Docsvault Viewer dialog

Document Notes: The date format in Document Notes has been standardized to mmm-dd-yyyy .

Filing Area: The column sorting order in the filing area is now remembered per user

Adding Files/Folders using ‘

' will now display existing files in folders in the Docsvault Navigation dialog

Document Viewer &  PDF Editor:  For fast editing, file description dialog added in the right panel

Document Profile indexes:  In case of new file versioning while importing documents, the new index values assigned during import will be applied instead of retaining the index values for the older version




Fixed the issue of empty backup folder being created even in case of a backup failure

Fixed the issue of thumbnails quality deteriorating after 'undo' operation in Scan Form dialog.

Fixed the issue faced when a document is scanned and added to an existing pdf file and simultaneously 'undo checkout' operation is performed on the same file by another user. Now the user will have an option to save the scanned documents on their Desktop which can be imported later.

Fixed unusual ordering of pages in PDF Reorder dialog when a PDF file contains more pages then the display capacity of this dialog box.

Fixed Docsvault Update Utility: User’s preference settings were not been updated in case when Docsvault Server Manager application and Docsvault database are not installed on the same machine.

Fixed the issue of Customize Columns not being editable once set for all users by the Admin

Fixed the issue when viewing PDF files in Docsvault Viewer from a search result, the search term not being highlighted in next documents when using the next doc button in the Viewer.

Fixed the issue of Audit trail sorting in Docsvault Web Client.

Fixed the issue of invisible import and viewer dialogs in case of improper user settings

Fixed the issue of incorrect result when searching in combination for Document version notes and Profile search using 'AND' operator

Fixed the issue of displaying previous criteria instead of current search criteria in Refine Search

Fixed the issue of not clearing 'Saved Search' pop up from the Main menu on Logout.

Fixed unusual behavior when sorting multiple columns in search result.

Fixed incorrect search result in Folder search, Advanced and Quick search with keywords containing characters '[, ]'

Fixed incorrect behavior of Docsvault backup to maintain one set of backup even when purging old full backup sets is set to 0 (nil)

Fixed the issue of not remembering folder shortcut link in Navigation Dialog.

Fixed security related issue when viewing 'Checked Out Documents' and navigating to the 'Favorite Folder' under 'My Workspace' section from Docsvault navigation dialog