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What's New in v5.1.1416

What's New in v5.1.1416

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What's New in v5.1.1416

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Enhancement: Initial Configuration Wizard – Backups can be set without requiring windows password in cases where users have do not make use of windows login password.

Enhancement: New 'close button' on every Tab in the home screen instead of single one on the right corner  




Fixed: The issue of checking in a file in PDF Editor when a Task attachment is viewed and then checked out from viewer

Fixed: The issue of marking the linked files as checked-in upon checking in the original file

Fixed: The issue of not receiving email alert on Personal tasks

Fixed: Unusual behavior after printing a document in Docsvault document viewer from Search Result using content text criteria

Fixed: Rectified the issue of Folder Section with '&' character in section name

Fixed: Unusual behavior of not remembering the columns in the list view for a cabinet with sections assigned

Fixed: Incorrect Search result when using 6 or more 'OR' conditions in Profile search

Fixed:  The issue of file size of MS Office files included in Folder Template

Fixed: Profile index values using Rubberband OCR from viewer did not check implied user rights.