What's New in v5.1.1215

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What's New in v5.1.1215

New Features:

New:  ‘Send To’ Import Option: You can quickly import documents from window explorer or desktop into Docsvault using the file right click 'Send To' menu option.

New: The SendToDV.exe executable can also be used to integrate with scanner button actions to directly import files into Docsvault using the scan button on many scanners

New: It is now possible to rename a file from the bottom bar in document viewer

New: Docsvault can now remember column sort in Search Results for individual user

New: You can now also route folders to your team using the route documents feature

New: Email alerts for reminders of personal and routed task (for both assignor and assignee of the task)

New: Find panel to search within file list in search results, recycle bin, audit trail lists, OCR summary, etc.



Enhancement:  Backup wizard added in the Initial Configuration Wizard to set automated backups

Enhancement:  Document Preview window toolbar is more intuitive with quick access to search and other features

Enhancement:  'Email with' tool added in main tool bar

Enhancement:  Increased character length for filename in PDF split/extract dialog

 Enhancement:  Enabled partial word match in content search

Enhancement: PDF rendering speed improved

Enhancement: Rubberband OCR feature improved in Viewer, Import dialog and Filing panel under Filing Area



Fixed: Backup failed if mapped drives were used for shared folders

Fixed: Incorrect OCR status in Docsvault Client application after the completion of 100 trial files

Fixed: Error in OCR when the PDF file has vector elements

Fixed: Security check when saving file using the explorer integration

Fixed: Incorrect effect when 'apply to all users' is applied while customizing columns and pushing it for all users