What's New in v5.0.0930

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What's New in v5.0.0930


New Features:


New:  Docsvault will now use SQL 2008 R2 Express Advanced Services edition by default

New:  Files storage and transfer are now handled by the SQL server using the File Stream feature of SQL server 2008 and 2008 R2. This will provide an easy way of   handling data with database Transitional consistency and thus improve performance and reliability

New: Now you can automatically import documents from any server watch folder directly to specified folder inside Docsvault (instead of going through the filing area)

New: Search keywords are highlighted for PDFs opened from search results when searching for document contents

New:  Advanced search now allows multiple profile/indexes criteria using the and/or operators

New: Office plug-ins for 64 bit of Office 2010. New Outlook toolbar buttons to save email and/or attachments in both 32 and 64 bit Outlook 2010

New: Now you can specify a de fault folder section while creating Folder sections to automatically populate that section when importing files into Docsvault

New: For folders with sections, the file list under the “ALL” tab now displays section for each file

New: Feature to move files/folders between sections' tabs added. Simply drop files or folders on the section’s colored tab to move them

New: Added option to split a scanned document in its page view too during scanning  

New: When creating a New Folder using 'Folder Template', you will now have option to select the profile to assign to the root folder.  Assigning profile for the root folder has now been disabled in the folder template.

New: The backup process can now automatically delete old full back up sets as per user specifications

New: Help node in Server Manger with links to many resources and common trouble shooting information

New: Full Text node with information about indexing status and iFilters

New: Changing security template for any group offers an option to apply the new group security throughout the repository for that group is desired




Enhancement:  Window Search component is replaced by SQL Full-Text Indexing service for better performance

Enhancement: Allow active directory users to login seamlessly using their windows username

Enhancement: OCR process enhanced to minimize occasional failures too. The OCR node now lists number of already text based PDF files that were skipped

Enhancement: Updating of index values for multiple documents from properties dialog now allows updating only single index and spares other indexes if they do not need to be changed

Enhancement: Quick search box on Tree view panel in filing area to locate filing folders instantly

Enhancement: Rubber Band OCR tool now also available in PDF Viewer

Enhancement: Multiple information pop ups added to inform the admin about changing the service logon types whenever necessary

Enhancement: Sorting on column is now Supported in Task Module. Docsvault remembers sorting column for TaskIn/TaskOut/Personal per user

Enhancement: Audit query now supports multiple selections of audit events and users

Enhancement: Add/Edit local collect folders from the options dialog

Enhancement: Docsvault now remembers column sorting both folder-wise as well as user-wise

Enhancement: Column widths too are remembered user wise

Enhancement: Faster moves of folders and files within the repository

Enhancement: Option to skip barcode separator page when using barcode as file separator

Enhancement: Custom Column Setting option disabled in properties dialog if already set in Folder Template

Enhancement: User is asked for permission before integrating Docsvault with windows open and save dialogs

Enhancement: File/Folder cleanup - Remove unused file and folder from Temp folder and checkout folder

Enhancement: Improved PDF viewer will now open even some difficult PDF formats

Enhancement: Better quality thumbnails

Enhancement: Template information for any folder created using folder templates is visible under general tab of that folder’s properties dialog




Fixed: Thumbnail view crashed after changing back from detailed view for large resolutions like 1920 x 1080

Fixed: Task notifications accumulating in some cases even when the task was filed by the assignor

Fixed: Resolved some bugs with folder templates

Fixed: Filename tool tip for viewer

Fixed: No message when checkout folder was not writable

Fixed: Enabling add-ins failed in many cases

Fixed:  Crashes during save and check-in from MS Word add-ins

Fixed:  Some refresh issues after copy/paste

Fixed:  Reorder pages dialog did not have proper save button which made it less intuitive

Fixed:  many more minor bug fixes in internal code