What's New in v4.5.0515

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What's New in v4.5.0515



New: Windows Explorer Integration: Docsvault now integrates into Windows Explorer Open and Save dialogs allowing opening and saving documents from practically any application directly from and to Docsvault.  

New: MS Office 2010 – 64 bits Plugins: Docsvault can now integrate even into 64 bit edition of the MS Office 2010.
New: Rubber Band OCR: Semi-automated data capture now possible while scanning and filing from Watch Folder in Filing Area. Using rubber-band OCR, you can populate text in all meta-data fields (e.g. file name, file description, index fields) by simply highlighting the word or phrase on the document.
New: 'Tiff to PDF' feature: Users can now convert Tiff files to PDF in a single click helping them to modernize their legacy data scanned in the old Tiff format.

  New: PDF page Separation Options: 

oA simple right click option to separate out all pages of PDF in one click. The extracted single page PDF files will be auto-named ex. 'Document-123.pdf',

'Document-124.pdf', and so on...

oA new option added under PDF extract dialog to extract pages from a PDF file at every ‘x’ number of pages as new PDF files.

New: 'My Checked Out Documents' node in the Left Tree panel will allow users to quickly list documents checked out by them
New: 'Undo checkout' alert added for Audit Trail and Email Alert notifications.  
New: Admin defined 'Customized Columns': To keep the uniformity of view, admin users can set customized column views for any folder or cabinet for all users by using the new 'Apply to All Users' feature while customizing columns on those folders and cabinets.
New: Windows firewall exception rules will be automatically created for the necessary Docsvault services and applications on both server and client side to eliminate windows firewall based connection issues between the server and clients.
New: New button 'Remove All' added while creating 'Sections' in File Properties.
New: A list of files that were not successfully restored will be displayed at the end of the restore process.

New: Incremental folder search using keyboard now possible in the Cabinet/Folder Tree view panel and filing panel in scanning/Filing Area.

New: OCR status of any PDF file is now displayed in the  ‘General Tab’ of the bottom panel.



Enhancement: Customize Columns in Folder Templates: Now the 'Customize Columns' will be displayed to all users irrespective of who has created the folder structure using Folder Template.
Enhancement: You can now create a new 'Profile' from 'Properties' dialog box of a file.
Enhancement: Scan Form:
oAdded 'Deskew' feature in the 'Thumbnail view ribbon' in the Scan Form. You can now select multiple scanned pages and apply 'Deskew' effect in one go.
o'Crop all Pages' - You can now crop all the pages on a single click. Select multiple scanned pages and click 'Crop All' button.
o'Split' button is available in 'Page View Ribbon' too. Preview the scanned paper in 'Page view' mode and split the document.

O If you change the name of a file in 'File name' text box, it will also appear in the preview panel of the scanner form.

Enhancement: 'Filing Area > Watch Folder' - Enhanced the interface of Filing Watch Folder for quick and easy import of documents in Docsvault. New Features included: Rubber Band OCR, Document Preview and lots of keyboard shortcuts to navigate through different documents and their pages.
Enhancement: Docsvault will now remember User-wise 'Sort' setting of the columns in the List view panel.
Enhancement: New message box giving information on 'how to assign Profile' will be displayed after creating new Profile to eliminate confusion on the use of new profiles.
Enhancement: OCR Summary: You can now mark all the files that have failed to OCR for Re-OCR/Force OCR from Docsvault Server Manager.
Enhancement: You can now rename the 'Link' (shortcut) to any file in Docsvault.

Enhancement: Importing documents from the ‘Section’ tab will automatically fill up the ‘Section’ field in the import dialog box.

Enhancement: The OCR functionality will skip the OCR processing for pages that cannot be processed for some reason. This will prevent OCR failure for entire file due to some un-OCR able pages.



Fixed: Resolved the issue faced while restoring database in case of a SQL collation mismatch due to different regional and language settings.
Fixed: Incorrect Search result when using 'Version Notes' in 'Search' criteria.
Fixed: Resolved issue of displaying alert message "Section already exists" when trying to edit color tab or description of 'Section'.
Fixed: Unusual behavior after using 'Find' feature in Document Preview.
Fixed: Folder Template: Rename folder name - Unable to apply the changes to the existing folder structure created using that folder template.
Fixed: Folder Sections: 'Edit', 'Remove' and' Remove All' buttons were enabled even if the Section list was empty.
Fixed: Issue of Column Sorting in Folder with Sections.
Fixed: Resolved the issue faced in PDF Editor while editing text and pressing 'Enter' key.
Fixed: Unusual behavior after 'Resizing column' in the list panel.
Fixed: Move operation (cut/paste) of the file/folder disabled when the file/folder is checked out.
Fixed: MS Office Plugin: Resolved the issue of 'Check In' option being disabled if the folder name contained special char “&"
Fixed: Unusual behavior with the folder name in the tree view when you try to rename a folder name with ' mark.
Fixed: Issue of resetting the page count in the thumbnail view when pages are split from the PDF file.
Fixed: Issue with incorrect status for OCR when the PDF file is checked out for editing.



Changes: Docsvault v4.5 requires .NET 4.0 Framework.  
Changes: Alert message in case of 'files not found' while exporting the repository will now be displayed at the end of the operation with a list to avoid interruption in export process.
Changes: Document Preview - 'Find' field changed from drop down to text box.

Changes:  Dialog box interface changed when opened on the double click of the document to open it in the View or Checked Out mode.

Changes: The default skin theme of Docsvault Client application changed from Imaginary to a new ‘Docsvault Default’ style.