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What's New in v4.0.1517

What's New in v4.0.1517

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What's New in v4.0.1517

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New: Confirmation dialog box displayed while moving files/folders using drag and drop method

Changed: Default page view in PDF Editor changed from single page view to continuous page

Changed: Email Alert: changed the event name 'Changed Profile' to 'Profile or Index value changed'

Improved: Quick search will search on indexes values only instead of Profile/Index names for faster results.
Profile and Index name searches are still possible from the advanced search dialog.





Fixed: Incorrect result when using 'All Version' criteria in Search

Fixed: Improper behavior when pages are scanned and appended to a password protected PDF file

Fixed: Issue while editing multi-selected index values in the list box

Fixed: Refresh issue after deleting version copy of a file in the bottom panel    

Fixed: Deleting of empty document now possible while editing pages in the Scan form

Fixed: Error when moving a page into a blank document while editing in the Scan form

Fixed: Folder rename issue with period '.' in the Folder Template structure

Fixed: Issue while creating a new version of a file with an apostrophe ( ' ) in the filename

Fixed: SQL connection timeout during backups for larger backups

Fixed: Folder search above the tree view in left panel

Fixed: Auto-naming for next file (for scan profiles with auto-naming) after the import process in single file scanning

Fixed: Issue checking out word and excel files when checkout path was on network

Fixed: Issue with more than one documents attached using the Docsvault plugin in Outlook compose window

Fixed: Issue with “Email With > Default Email Client” on some Outlook 2003 computers  

Fixed: Issue while editing 'Watch Folder' immediately after creating it in Docsvault Server Manager application.