What's New in v4.0.1503

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What's New in v4.0.1503


New: Search for Active Directory users instead of selecting from list while adding AD users to Docsvault. Very helpful in large installations in networks with
1000+ AD users.

New: Change of file extension for any file from its properties dialog

Enhanced: Handling of dropped files in the drop folder when user does not have proper rights on the temp folder

Enhanced: Now create unlimited sections inside a Folder. You can also re-use tab colors while creating Folder section

Enhanced: Checkin and checkout operations now automatically handle checkin and checkout of dependent resources for .html, .htm and Solid Works

    .SLDASM files




Fixed: File Fetching issue in Watched Folders incase of international date format

Fixed: File listing issue when an index field with international date format is set as custom column

Fixed: Issue while deleting a Watched Folder

Fixed: Loss of text content during Re-OCR (Forced OCR) process if the file contains both text and image.

Fixed: Schedule Backup bug that would prevent proper backups in some situations

Fixed: Incorrect Search result when using compare (>,<) criteria for Date/Number format index field in Profile Search

Fixed: Deleting an index field from Profile causing Docsvault Client to hang.

Fixed: Email alert not generated in case of ‘Import’ and ‘Scan” event for folders marked for alerts

Fixed: Watch Folder and Local Collect Folder can now have same folder names

Fixed: Disabled delete option on parent ‘Server Watch folder’ in Filing Area

Fixed: Refresh issue after deleting files from Local Watch Folder and Server Watch folder in Filing Area

Fixed: Right & Left panel appeared with disproportionate width by default in some screen resolutions.

Fixed: Issue when opening .msg files in Outlook from within Docsvault more than once in the same Outlook session