What's New in V4.0.1319

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What's New in V4.0.1319



New Logon As column added under Services node in the Server Manager to display Account under which the Docsvault services
run. User can also change the account under which any service runs (to have proper network access) by clicking the Change
Logon icon.

Idle Timeout: Automatic logoff of Docsvault User after predefined idle time.

Profiles/Indexes: The data type of an Index can be changed from Numeric/date to Text data type.

It is now possible to import document directly from the Page view in the Scan Dialog for multi file scanning.

Thumbnail view and Preview of documents added in the filing area for Server Watch Folders and Local Collect Folders to quickly view documents before importing.

Unwanted or accidentally inserted files can be deleted from the Server Watch folders and Local Collect Folders.

Partial word search is now possible in the ‘Content Search (i.e ‘Search for text inside files’)

Enhancements in Restore process

Moving Repository now will not delete the repository from the source.  The repository move process will attach to an existing repository if one is found at the target location.

The width of Left and Right panel in the main window are remembered as user setting now




Fixed: improper increment in user count while adding Docsvault Additional User license

Fixed: saving emails with blank subjects from Outlook Plugin

Fixed: focus in the Login form to enter username/password without first clicking the form

Fixed: renaming a file in Thumbnail view

Fixed: sorting the Name Field in Search result

Fixed: name truncation in long cabinet/folder names in the left tree view panel.

Fixed: Docsvault PDF printer will automatically start Docsvault if it is not running when a user prints to it

Fixed: display of duplicate column fields in column selection dialog when multiple users have customized the column settings on the same  folder

Fixed: Issue displaying files/folders in the List view panel for an international Date data type Index field as a column in file list

Fixed: creating folder in Docsvault navigation dialog when printing using Docsvault PDF printer

Fixed: issue while exporting document to default Email Client other than Outlook

Fixed: auto sorting of cabinet/folders when inserting/importing new cabinet/folder in the left tree view panel

Fixed: importing files using Drop folder by multiple users of same machine and under Terminal Services

Fixed: corrected the search criteria behavior for ‘All words’ and ‘Exact Phrase’

Fixed: setting the plug-ins settings for MS Office application in odd conditions

Fixed: Issue when cut/paste/move process is canceled by user

Changed: Tree view security requirements while viewing cabinets/folders in the Filing Area tree



The option to show/hide Toolbar and Status bar from the View menu