What's New in v7.0.1014

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What's New in v7.0.1014



Selecting Docsvault connection from a drop list:  This option now allows users to easily switch the Docsvault Server connection in the desktop client login form when working within local or remote networks.

Advanced Import Add-on:

oYou can now capture files from watch folder based on the file extension e.g pdf, docs, xlxs.

oAdded option to import files without corresponding index values in 'Actual Files W/O Index' added in Capture Type - Step 2 of Advanced Import

Document Task: An alert message will be displayed when assigning a document task is assigned to a user if that user does not have 'read' rights on the associated documents

Deactivation: Administrators can now deactivate their license from one server machine to set it free for activation on a new server machine.

Email Capture: Now the default option for Capture Rules Configuration - Step 2 of Email Capture is set to "Match any Rule".

CD/DVD Burning: Burn to CD/DVD feature deprecated due to diminishing use of CD/DVDs for data storage

Initial Configuration: SQL connectivity method to customers own SQL servers replaced by more robust and quicker TSQL method



Fixed: Issue of  'All Indexes' button displayed as disabled in Properties > Profile tab under certain scenario

Fixed: Issue of crashing in Word with embedded excel file in a document.

Fixed: Issue of not being able to open the folder from folder search results in the left tree panel

Fixed: Incorrect location displayed in Email Alert when any files/folders are exported from the search result.

Fixed:Issue of Rubberband OCR not working in SB v7