Whats New in v7.2.0130

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Whats New in v7.2.0130

New Features

PDF Correction Tools: A new toolset to correct PDFs with features like redact, erase, edge cleanup, straighten crooked pages, adjust clarity and many more

New “Advanced Profiles” Add-on:

oUse data in external applications like CRM, Accounting, ERP, etc. to fill up profile values in Docsvault

oAuto fill dependent index values using custom queries to external databases

oCreate conditional value lists depending on values chosen for previous indexes


TIFF to PDF Auto Conversion: Option to convert TIFF files to PDFs automatically and OCR them creating searchable PDF files

Image to PDF Conversion: Convert any image file type (jpeg, bmp, png, etc.) to PDF with a single click





Email Automation Add-on

oAuto Emailing Jobs: The date format will now be displayed as per the localized format specified in the server operating system

Security: The right to move (Cut) a document is now associated with 'NewVersion' right instead of the 'Delete' right. This allows moving documents and folders within Docsvault even when the user does not have delete rights

Scanning Interface: Ability to redact, remove punch holes and edge cleanup added to post scan processing in the scanning interface



Fixed: Issue while updating access date of file/folder in specific operations

Fixed: Issue of Check In option not available when multiple Excel workbooks were opened

Fixed: Duplicate emails won’t be send if same email address is assigned as 'To' and 'CC' while sending auto email from Auto Email Sender feature

Fixed: Solved the issue of checked-out documents not being retained during specific errors when checking-in files in some cases

Fixed: When resizing Outlook window, 'Save to Docsvault' icon does not get suppressed anymore

Fixed: Capturing same email multiple times in Email Capture module under certain scenario solved

Fixed: Solved the issue while opening embedded OLE objects in MS Word

Fixed: Issue while saving file from MS Word into Docsvault if the default file format in MS Word is changed from its default value

Fixed: Issue of tracking activities performed by the external users in Audit Trail

Fixed: Issue of annotations being lost on scanned images post OCR process. Annotations will be burned into the image permanently