What's New in v6.0

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What's New in v6.0


New Features

New Type of Users Licensing: Docsvault introduces a new category of users. Additional licensing applies.

oRead-Only Users: This type of Users may only open and read documents from Docsvault. They will not be able to edit, delete or create documents. They would still be able to create tasks and route documents to other users in the system.

My Workspace: A new addition to the left panel named “My Workspace” allows you to quickly access user specific documents. It provides access to:

oUser’s Checked Out Documents

oTheir Favorite Folders

oTheir Favorite Files

oTheir Recently Accessed Documents

oTheir Recently Imported/Created Documents

oRecent New Versions created by them

File Templates: Store draft documents in File Templates for later one click creation of repetitive documents. File Templates can contain multiple files at the same time and users can choose to create only desired files while creating new documents.  

Importing Static Index values: You can now create a predefined list for Index of 'Static Index' type by importing lists from csv or xml files

Option in Navigation Dialog: Docsvault Navigation dialog now has a search option to quickly locate the folder you want to save files to or open documents from without having to manually navigate through the entire folder hierarchy

Tasks List : You can now export Task lists in csv,pdf, xls, xlsx and xml formats

Save PDFs from Docsvault PDF Editor & Viewer: Docsvault PDF Editor and Viewer now have an option to save PDF files directly to any location on your computer

Rename Main Documents Node: Administrator group members can now customize the main 'Documents' node by changing it to a more relevant name

New Navigation Buttons: Added Back and Forward buttons to the file panel icon bar to easily navigate through previous locations opened in Docsvault

Now a minimum of 'Read' right is required to list contents of any folder



Docsvault Viewer: You can now open multiple PDF and Image files in Docsvault Preview window

Document Notes: Removed word count limitation in Documents Notes

Viewer Options: Separated setting to open PDF and Image files in Docsvault Preview window.

Folder Search History: Docsvault will maintain a user specific history of last 10 keywords searched in Folder Search.

File Search History: Docsvault will maintain a user specific history of last 25 keywords entered in Search text box.

Append Scanned Page: You will now be able to specify the exact position to append a page at the time of scanning and appending pages to a PDF file

Filing Panel: A right-click menu is added to the Filing panel in 'Scan’ and 'Filing Area' windows giving users a handy way to rename, delete and create new folders and to refresh the folder list in that panel

Sorting Multiple Columns: Docsvault now allows you to sort by multiple columns at the same time.  After sorting the first column normally a second sort order can be added by holding the 'shift' key and clicking on the second column you wish to sort

Clear Temp Files: One click cleanup of temp files and even checked out files from local client machine. This option is available under Options > Other dialog.

Search Hits Highlighting:  When viewing PDF files in Docsvault PDF viewer from search results only the first hit is highlighted. Users can click the next button near the search text box or hit the Enter key to highlight the next hit

Scan Paper Size: Auto size option added to paper size in the scan dialog

File listing speedup: Further enhanced listing speed for file list panel



Fixed unusual behavior while deselecting security  in Security dialog

Fixed the issue of incorrect import location/destination if the focus is set on the List view instead of Tree view while dragging and dropping documents from Desktop into Docsvault tree panel

Fixed unusual behavior if the user selected 'Don't show dialog again option' while checking out folder.

Fixed  the issue of incorrect behavior of Docsvault Add-ins button in Excel with multiple workbooks open.

Fixed unusual behavior of document while canceling the procedure of 'Check-In' from MS Office applications. Now, the document will remain open in-case 'Check-In' procedure is canceled by the user.

Fixed the issue when installing Docsvault with  Docsvault Filestream already created

Fixed refresh issue when the file is imported from 'Send To' menu option from outside of Docsvault

Fixed the sorting on date column in Recycle bin

Fixed unusual behavior when refreshing the file panel in Folders with sections.  

Fixed the layout issue in Logout & Task dialogs in Metropolis theme

Fixed the issue when trying to save open PDF file from browser into Docsvault using Windows Explorer integration

Fixed the issue of alphabetic sorting of user names in 'Forward' list box in Task dialog

Fixed  the issue of incorrect behavior when logging out from Docsvault using the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination