What's New in v5.7.1025

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What's New in v5.7.1025

New Features

Max File Versions Option: Admin can specify the number of file versions to keep. Docsvault will automatically delete older versions if the number of version exceeds the maximum number specified.  

Customized Logo in Docsvault Web Client:  You can now use your own Company logo in Web Clients. This option is available from the Docsvault Web Manager dialog.

File Download: In Docsvault Web Client you can now download files using mouse double click or the toolbar download button

Multiple Files Download: Multiple selected files can now be downloaded as a zipped archive using download button in the Docsvault Web Client toolbar

Right Click Menu in Mobile Device Browsers: New dropdown arrow near the file icon to bring up context menu for mobile device browsers that do not have right click facility

New Quick Search Options:

Match: You can now set the Quick Search option to match the keywords entered in one of the following criteria:  'Any words', 'All words', 'Exact phrase'

Look In: You can now select the search location i.e. 'Everywhere' to search throughout the repository or 'Under Selected Folder only' to restrict the search to only those documents in the selected folder and its sub folders

Copy/Paste Under Same Folder: Added option to create copies of files within same folder using Copy/Paste operations in Web Client

Paging: To speed up the file listing, Paging system has been introduced in Docsvault Web Client.  




Browser Compatibility:  Improved compatibility of Docsvault Web Client with other standard browsers such as Firefox and Chrome

Quick Search: 'Numeric' and 'Date' keywords entered in quick search box will be treated as text strings to search for partial word matches too  

Advanced Search: In Profile Search, 'Numeric' and 'Date' (mm/dd/yyyy) values entered will be treated as text strings for 'IS' and 'Contains' criteria  

Registering .Net framework with IIS: .net framework is automatically registered with IIS on systems that have .Net framework already installed

Paste Menu Enabled in File Context Menu: Paste enabled in file right click menu to allow paste operation without having to bring up empty space context menu




Set column width: Fixed the issue while setting column widths in Docsvault Web Client for folders that have custom columns set by users

Memory Leak:  Fixed issue of memory leakage in listing of files and folders in Desktop Client

Email Alert: Added missing title to the date and time column in email alert notifications  

Customize Columns: Fixed the issue of 'Apply to all users' option not working as expected for 'Customize Columns' in Docsvault Web Client

Public Share Link: Fixed the issue of Delete and Edit buttons being displayed as disabled while creating a Public Share link

Column Filter: Fixed the issue of filter option being displayed in document browser of Docsvault Web Client

Binding to existing website: Fixed the issue of site binding configuration in case web site already exists at the time of installing Docsvault Web Application