What's New in v8.2.1030

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What's New in v8.2.1030

New Features


Docsvault Mobile App

Docsvault Mobile is a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices that enable you to securely access documents stored on your Docsvault Server from anywhere. Navigate your entire repository, search, create new folders, upload new documents captured using  your camera, add to favorite, edit notes and description, view profile/indexes, etc. on the GO!


A new naming template allows you to automatically name the file being imported and add description or notes based on index values entered by users.



Dynamic Index Values:

oYou can now setup index fields to fill up dynamically based on current date/time or current username

oNew auto increment/decrement for numeric index values (ex. for auto increment of revision #)

oNew inherited index values (or sticky values) that flow from parent folder to its sub-items

oYou can even lock an index to prevent further editing once it has been assigned during the import process.


User Defined Validations:

oIndex Field Validation Masks: You can now apply a predefined validation mask or create your own validation rule for index values
(ex. social security #, phone # etc.)  

oA new unique index feature to avoid duplicate index values.


New Top Level Profile: You can now view the profile of top level folder under any cabinet (1st level folders) in right information panel in addition to the sub-items own profile values.



Set the current user’s name as index value when transitioning a workflow

User can now be allowed to change the participants for the next step of the workflow instead of the predefined participants list

If more than one users are viewing the same workflow step dialog, the user is notified about it already being open by other users

You can now take ownership of a workflow step thereby claiming the workflow task and relieving other participants of that step

You can now attach supporting documents from your computer too in addition to attaching them from Docsvault repository during the workflow process

New workflow tasks filter: Show All/Show Only selected workflow process filter added

If a user is also a participant for the next step then the workflow dialog will now show a "Next" button to jump to the next step instead of having to save and close the workflow dialog.

Audit Trail and workflow history will now log the actual user name of the user even when a workflow is triggered automatically (without the user explicitly initiating a workflow)  

New Workflow Documents List: A convenient dialog to show all docs attached during the workflow process with a sign right click menu


Document Previews

Document Previews are now available inside the Docsvault Web application too. No need to download a file first to view it.

The Desktop Clients can now preview DICOM medial images too




Digital Signatures: New drag and drop annotations added for First name, last name, initials, full name, date, email, company name, free text.

You can add document notes, set/change folder section, initiate new workflow, and set/change flag while checking in a document.

You can also notify the file owner, and/or other Docsvault users about the changes made while checking in a file.

Importing files/folders: You can now flag, enter document notes, and initiate workflow on documents while importing.

You can now disconnect user sessions connected through web from Connected Users node in Docsvault Web Manager.

Any members of the administrators group can now edit the profile of the default admin user (Docsvault Administrator) .

Configuration of “Task Email Alerts” in Docsvault client moved from Alerts to Tasks in the user options dialog

Web Client > Options > General: “Show Document Preview” option added

Saving files using the explorer integration (windows save as dialog) does not keep the file checked out by default

The audit log now logs activities performed by external users from the web portal



Fixed the issue of conflict between Salesforce and Docsvault Add-in plugins in MS Outlook

Fixed a sorting issue in the left folder tree list in some cases

Fixed issue with importing files larger 300 MB size from desktop client

Sorting list and tree view jumped sometimes when trying to drag and drop in them.

Fixed issue with remembering bottom panel hide settings in desktop client

Fixed issue with deleting source file after successful import in some cases

Fixed web max upload size settings issue

Fixed issue with auto digital signatures in workflow when processing workflows from the web client

Fixed issue with section description containing a comma character (,) not updating properly from file Properties Dialog

Fixed issue with WF participant list greater than 1000 chars in length leading to some errors

Fixed issue with last Doc. Note being persistent even after relogin in the desktop client  

Fixed issue with changing digital signature certificate on server side