What's New in v4.0

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What's New in v4.0

New Features in v4.0


Docsvault now uses the robust and scalable SQL Server 2005/2008 as backend database for meta data storage making Docsvault extremely scalable

Allows document and database storage on NAS devices in a domain based network

Active Directory Integration lets users log into Docsvault using their windows login name and password

New Custom Templates Platform saves time and effort

oFolder Template: Custom folder and file structures that can be created  in one click with predefined security, profile and audit trail settings. Admins can even make changes to these folder templates and push the changes to all existing folder structures already created using that particular folder template.

oSecurity Template: Apply predefined security settings on any folder or file in one click

oAudit and Profile Templates: Apply Audit settings and available Profile settings from a simple drop down menu

Powerful built in Alerts Notification System:

The alerts notification system allows Administrators to:

oset administrative email alerts for server status that can be sent to multiple email addresses

oautomatically email new or reset passwords to Docsvault users

obroadcast any system downtime or system usage tips, conventions or changes to all Docsvault users in one shot

The alerts notification system allows Users to:

oset their own email notifications of selected activities on any file or folder that is important to them

oget update alerts for changes to tasks and work routes they are involved in

This system ensures that both the users and the Docsvault administrator can stay informed about changes happening to documents or tasks that are important to them.


Quick Emails allow users to quickly email documents as attachments right from within Docsvault without having to go through their conventional email program

New Scanning Interface
Completely overhauled scanning interface now debuts the following features:
- Scan Settings allow to predefine different types of scan criteria suitable for different jobs
- Excellent flexibility for multiple documents scanning with operations like merge, split, reorder pages, etc. before saving the scanned files
- Lots of post scanning tools to improve image quality such as despeckle, eraser, crop, brightness, contrast, erode, dilate, etc.
- Auto file naming
- Separate documents using a blank page, a barcode, every x number of pages or using automatic document recognition.

New Import Interface

oMultiple files and folders import with individual document profiling

oViewer for PDF and Image files for visual identification of document before profiling and filing

oAllows renaming of files and folders during import

oOption to keep original system dates for imported  files and folders

Folder Sections - virtual folder tabs to further classify contents of a folder

PDF Editor Enhancements

oNew PDF Options button in main toolbar allowing quick extract, split, append, reorder or delete pages

oSet orientation on all pages of PDF in one click

oExport all pages in one click in many formats

oCrop PDF pages

oCustomized Stamps: create your own static and dynamic stamps

oExtract OCRed text from PDFs

oNew Page reorder interface

oOptimized PDF size upon various edit operations

Folder Monitoring (watch folders) and Collect folders

oMonitor a folder for activity on the server side and automatically import files and sub-folders in Docsvault

oDesignate users who can file documents imported in these watch folders

oA new filing interface that allows quick document profiling and placement of imported documents

oEach user can define local collect folders on their computer that show up under the filing area for quick import of documents

New "Drop Folder" that allows users to save files to be imported into Docsvault directly to this folder from many applications. This drop folder and be placed either under My Computer or on the Desktop.

New security rights

o'Ownership Override' allows to retain ownership of a document to a specified user. This settings can be per user or per folder.

oNew File/Folder Rights: Create folder, Export, New file

oNew System Rights: Create Cabinet, Create Folder Sections, Create Templates, Edit Audit Trail Settings, Customize Flags and Icons

oNew Audit Trail event for export of documents, Print, Profile or Index value change, document notes change

New Search Interface

oNew Simple Search for profile values, content and other general text fields without specified detailed search criteria

oOpen file location directly from right click menu of the search result list

oFlexible profile searching under advanced search options

oSearch for only folders, only files or both

oFolder Search box on the top of left tree to quickly navigate to the right folder without having to drill down to the exact folder location

Related Documents: Set many to many document relations on both files and folders to quickly list all related documents


New Task Interface

oOption to receive email notifications for all task activities

oTask forwarding to further the task to the next person in work route

oTask redirect to reassign task to the right person in case of an erroneous task assignment

oTask events log to register all events and notes on a task for up to date status on any task


New OCR Options

oOCR any imported PDF file generated by any application of scanner

oAutomatically skips PDF files that are already text based or OCRed

oCurrent OCR status display in the properties dialog of every PDF file

oList of all PDF files in a particular OCR state throughout the repository (example: pending for OCR, Skipped, Failed, OCRed, etc.)

oForce OCR for skipped or failed PDF files

New Office Plugins (2007 and 2010)

oNew Ribbon Toolbar with many new options

oCheckout and checkin files directly from Docsvault repository from within Word, Excel, etc.

oPreserve original dates for email while saving email from outlook to Docsvault repository

oAttach files directly from Docsvault repository in new/compose email window

oIndividually profile and rename saved attachments and email messages


New Cabinet Wizard:  Since cabinet is a top level classification in Docsvault, a new cabinet wizard will help admins assign proper security and various other settings like auditing, available profiles, alerts etc. to new cabinets being created.


New Information Bar: A new bottom panel in the main Docsvault window displays general, versions, related documents, security, audit trail and linked from information for any selected file or folder

Customized Icons: Included icon sets to customize cabinet and folder icons. Additionally, you can add your own icons for folders.

Many New themes like office 2007 skins, holiday skins, and skins for different moods


Faster folder and file listings

Ability to edit security, profile and audit settings for multiple files

Multiple values for index fields (formerly called properties)

Compatibility with higher DPI resolutions

Export will now skip files that are longer than allowed operating system path length

Prompt for Checkout/View on double click of file

User set default view option (thumbnail or details)

Drag and drop now possible in thumbnail views

Prompt for undo checkout if no changes made to checked out PDF files when edited in Docsvault's PDF editor

Open the export destination folder automatically after export is completed

Profile and Notes in right panel in Docsvault preview window and the PDF editor

Thumbnail views in PDF editor in left panel

In place editing of document profile in the right panel in main Docsvault window

Enhanced 'Version Control' dialog

Scan and append new pages to any PDF file (not just the ones created by Docsvault)

New sorting option in thumbnail view

Misc. New Features:

Notes for folders too

Profile/Properties for folders too

Most recently used export locations to make exporting documents easy.

Tool tip on search results

Conditional Inheritance for Audit Settings and Email Alerts

Reset personal user settings like default views, theme, window sizes etc. from server manager

Option to disallow all other users to empty recycle bin other than admin

Resize column widths to normal after restoring window