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What's New in v5.7.0927

What's New in v5.7.0927

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What's New in v5.7.0927

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New Features / Enhancement


Custom column: Filter added under Flag and File Icon columns in the main file list view

Quick Search: Introduced partial word match in content search

Bottom Panel: Automated unique document IDs created by the system allowing for easier reference and retrieval are displayed in General Tab





PDF Editor: Issue with incorrect display of thumbnail in Re-order on deleting pages from a PDF File

Outlook Integration: Issue of skipping OCR and Profile property while saving mul

le attachments into Docsvault

Scanning: Issue of not saving File Description and Folder Sections while scanning single file

MS Office Integration: Issue of not displaying Checkin/Out dialog while editing or browsing a new file for edit

Issue of Docsvault Client application not closing properly on Windows shut down