What's New in v10.0

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What's New in v10.0

New Features


Web eForms
The old eForm add-on has been replaced with a brand new Web based eForm module. This add-on provides the tools to easily drag & drop readymade fields to create forms in just a few clicks, without writing a single line of code. Online forms can be embedded in your own website, intranet or shared with simple web links.


Editing Word/Excel Documents

New built-in word processor, and spreadsheet editor allows you to create, edit and save office documents directly in Docsvault. This feature is available in the Desktop as well as the Web Client.


Graphical Workflow Designer 

A Graphical Workflow Designer has been introduced so you can build your workflow visually making it much easier and faster. Workflows can also be managed from both Desktop and Web Client applications now.


New Public Share Link Interface

Completely new Public Share feature allows for quick and easy document sharing using public URLs right from your Docsvault application. Complete share management using password-protection, expiration dates and even download prevention if needed along with comprehensive share log and download reports to track shared items. The recipient interface automatically adapts to desktop, mobile phone and tablet interface automatically giving your recipients the optimal share experience with your logo and branding.  


New PDF Editor
Completely New Docsvault PDF Editor with many new features & enhancements:

- A full-fledged PDF editor with extensive support for annotations, redactions and editing tools

- Add watermarks, bates numbering and e-signature

- Add comments with advanced features such as flattening, summarizing, importing, and exporting comments

- Support for creating and filling PDF Forms

Note: All custom stamps created by users in the previous versions will be lost. Dynamic Stamps capability in the PDF editor has been deprecated.


New Web PDF Viewer
We have added a new PDF viewer for our web client that allows for full view of any PDF without the need for downloading it first with support for view manipulations like zoom, full screen, thumbnail view, rotations, as well as print, text selections and download.


New Mobile App Features

Support for multiple file uploads

You can now edit a document’s profile from mobile apps

Change Document Status and Flags


Email Template

Create multiple draft emails using the new Email Template feature for one click creation of repetitive emails. Email Templates support dynamic fields and can automatically populate key values from a document’s profile. Docsvault also logs all emails sent using Email Templates for future reference by users and admins.


Shared and Private Email Address Book
Docsvault now allows you to automatically collect and manage contact information used for outbound email communications. It will now auto-complete names and email addresses when sending email messages via Docsvault Quick Email, Email Templates and Public Share Links.


Tasks Calendar

The new Tasks Calendar under My Workspace area allows users to view their active and overdue workflow, document and personal tasks.


Client Side Admin Options

Many of the administration items have now been made accessible from the client side as well so that administrators do not have to login to the server side for frequently used admin tasks. Admins can now manage users, profiles and indexes, design workflow, etc. right from the client side. Workflows can now be edited by users with special system level rights and do not need to be members of the administrators group.


Auto Document Relations

Docsvault can now automatically relate documents based on index values. For example - setting relation between invoices based on a common PO number or relating all documents of the same project.


   Document Profile Mass Update
  A new option to update profile and/or index values for entire folder structures. The option allows for update of both profile & index values

  or only specific index values irrespective of a document’s current profile.


Folder Templates

A new General tab in Folder template allows you to select custom folder icon, add description and apply folder template restriction at any sub-level

Creating new folders using any Folder Templates will automatically inherit required index values when auto creating sub-items


Folder Templates Restriction at any level

You can now maintain consistency of your folder structure by specifying a predefined folder structure to be used under any cabinet or folder. This will mandate the use of a predefined folder template when creating new folders under a specified cabinet or folder.


Email Failure Log: This new admin log contains information about emails sent through Docsvault that failed for some reason. The log even shows the error encountered.


New User Group “Everyone”: Introduced new 'Everyone' user group. All regular users(excludes Read Only) of Docsvault become members of  Everyone group by default. The Everyone group is useful for applying permissions and controlling access to resources that should be accessible by all users of Docsvault.


Import New Version: This new option allows users to import new versions of documents from outside Docsvault with a simple right click menu


Checked Out Files Alert: Added an option to alert users about checked out documents when exiting or logging out of Docsvault






-Added option to reinstall Docsvault PDF printer from Tools > Options > Others in the Desktop Client application


-Added support for new MS Office 2016 suite


-You can now add folder notes while creating a new folder


-The 5 folder sharing restriction for external users has been removed. Now unlimited folders can be shared with external users in the External User portal.


-Search result in Web Client has a new 'Open File Location' context menu item 


-You can now quickly open the parent folder of the file/folder associated with a task by selecting the 'Open Location' option in the attachment’s context menu


-Advanced Profiles Add-on: While creating a System DSN for the external ODBC data source, validation of mandatory values for server name, username and password have been removed


-Users can now set their own time to show popup alerts before they disappear


-Unique value feature now available for numeric and date data type to avoid duplicate index values


-The source security of files & folders is maintained when you move documents from one location to another. This is a change in behavior from earlier versions where the moved items were assigned the destination location security.


-Redesigned the activation form and removed additional fields to make the activation process faster


-Docsvault user's full name is also available as an option in dynamic index fields.


-Renamed default system rights Edit Workflow to Create Workflow





Fixed the issue of description and filename getting lost on changing the profile while importing the document from the scan dialog

Fixed the issue of nodes being visible when services are stopped in Docsvault Server dialog

Fixed the issue of OCR service getting stuck under certain scenario

Fixed the issue of 'Apply to all user' option not working while applying system rights to all users in the Edit Group dialog

Fixed the issue of bottom panel flickering in the workflow section