What's New in v10.7

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What's New in v10.7

New Features

Auto import based on Profile Values

The new Filing Template feature can automatically file documents in folders based on the index values that are applied to document at the time of scanning/importing. It also allows you to automatically name the file, add description and notes based on index values.
New Scanning Interface

Folder Scan: Allows scanning from simple folders instead of scanners. Helpful when scanning from remote scanners or from non-TWAIN compliant scanners.

Enhanced Scan jobs with automatic post scan correction options

New Profile and Location based scanning panels

Unified scanning interface for both single and multiple document scanning




For the Administrators:

Administrators can now manage the following additional settings from the client side “Administration” menu:
- Default Site URL: Allows setting up default site URL for the Docsvault web client access used in shared links, workflow links, etc. 
- Email Setup/Alerts: Setup outbound email SMTP credentials for outgoing emails from Docsvault

The Users/Groups lists now display the total count at the bottom of the respective dialog. The list can also be exported out using the export button.

Firewall Exception: Docsvault configuration process will now add firewall exceptions for all network types (domain, private and personal)


Easy “Undo Checkouts” while Checking In

A new button on the checkin dialog allows users to undo a checkout right from the checkin dialog abandoning the checkin while also freeing up the checkout lock

User Interface: New option for users and admins to disable any root node in the left tree panel to simplify the interface. Works in both the desktop as well as web app.  


Central Checkouts and Checkins:

The “Edit in Docsvault” option for PDF files now checks out files centrally so users can continue to edit the checked out PDF on other desktop clients.

Administrators & users with undo checkout rights can now check-in centrally checked out documents by others from within their own logins

Added new option "Edit in Docsvault" in the file open prompt


PDF Viewer/Editor

Features such as Zoom in, Zoom out, Rotate and print added in PDF Options > Reorder and Delete Pages dialog

PDF Viewer with Thumbnails view: New Docsvault PDF Viewer with several tools that makes reading, navigating and using PDF documents much easier


Recent Documents: Users can easily jump to the original location of a file/folder using the 'Open File Location' menu item


Docsvault Navigation Dialog:  User can now see document paths in search results within the Docsvault navigation dialog


Audit Trail: Logging few more actions performed on mobile app in Audit Trail log




Fixed the issue of incorrect search result with special character

Fixed the issue of incorrect order of sorted files when you import files via Import button

Fixed issue with entering index value not working using enter key on the keyboard

Fixed the issue of index column not displaying in the center list view with wrong value in date format

Fixed the issue of xml file not updating on resetting personalized settings of users

Fixed the issue of reordering and delete pages in PDF Editor



Option to predefine index values in a folder template has been removed

Removed the profile mismatch dialog when moving documents between folders with mismatching available profiles. Documents will take their profile with them irrespective of the available profile settings at destination folder.