What's New in v10.3

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What's New in v10.3

New Features


Security: Introduced a more flexible method of applying 'Default Security' rights to users/groups. Instead of following a strict hierarchical order of privileges, you can now assign higher rights but still remove certain lower rights as required in some situations.


Cabinet/Folder Ownership: Changed implied security behavior so that even individual owners of a documents cannot remove users/groups with the "Change Security/Change Owner" rights on any file or folder. This change now makes it possible to assign ownership of cabinet or major folders to users who cannot be removed from security table of any files/folders created under it. 


User Listing by Group Report:  A new report added in Docsvault Server Manager where admin can get list of users in a group.





Outbound emails: The Emails send via Docsvault system will now display SMTP email address in 'From' field of the message (as configured for outbound email setting in Docsvault) on behalf of the actual user email. The is to achieve higher rate of SMTP Server compatibility and help them separate legitimate email from spam and phishing campaigns.


Sort List Views: Locate data in several list views faster by sorting desired column in alphabetical order (ascending or descending).


Improved the speed for retrieving email logs.


PDF Options: Changed the reorder/delete interface and added new controls such as zoom in, zoom out, rotate and print


AD Users: Added OU filters to narrow down the scope of search for active directory users allowing quicker retrieval in large scale active directories


Checkout Folder Cleanup: Empty folders will be deleted automatically after the checkin process

Changed the behavior of 'Save' button in PDF Editor. Now you can save the changes and continue working on the document





Fixed renaming folders in Folder Template

Fixed the issue of searching files and folder in open-vault (Import) dialog box when saving from outside Docsvault Client (via  'PDF Printer' and 'Send to Docsvault')

Fixed Section values not being remembered during move operation

Fixed import in local filling area if there was an ‘s in folder/file name

Fixed loss of icons in explorer navigation in some situations

Fixed the visibility of deleted users in connected user list