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ico.doc.watermark.24 Watermarks are background texts or images that display either behind or in front a document. They are used to add the logo or indicate the document  status. You can add text  based watermarks to your document, remove or edit them.


Note: A Watermarks are the integrated into pages as a fixed elements.


To add, remove or edit the Watermarks  on the Main Menu choose Documents > Watermarks >Add, Remove All or Manage.


To insert  any information for creating a watermarks

Choose the ico.doc.watermark.add.24 Add Watermarks dialogue box

Type text into appropriate boxes.


You can preview watermarks before applying. 




Source group box shows  the settings for creating of a  watermark.


The Type field provides options to insert text or file .


The Text field allows to type or insert text for Watermark. This text will be displayed on the page.


The Macros button ico.btn.macro.24 opens a drop list  of file name macros that you can use to automatically generate watermarks names.


All other options are self-explanatory.



Setting <Custom> drop-menu contains default settings as a templates watermarks.





A Manage button  allows you to create a copy of a existing template by clicking a Clone button, and then to edit  information for creating a new template of watermark.


Save Current Settings button allows you to save the current settings to use them in the future.