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Importing files using Watch Folders


An administrator can configure Watch Folders (Hot Folders) that Docsvault should monitor for new file activity and import files from them automatically. This feature is very useful when files are being scanned using a departmental MFP machine or are generated by third party applications (like Fax servers, report builders, advanced capture applications, etc.). Administrators can determine the frequency of monitoring and the destination within Docsvault for each 'Watch Folder' job.


There are two type of 'Watch Folder' imports: Simple and Advanced.


Simple Import:

In Simple import mode, when new documents are created/modified or copied into any watched folder, Docsvault will identify them and import them into specified destination folders. You have an option to import captured documents either in a temporary holding area called 'Filing Area' for later classification or directly within any folder in the Docsvault repository structure. Documents in the Filing Area are accessible to authorized users from their Docsvault Client interface. After documents are imported, the original source files can be backed up to a separate folder, deleted from the watched folder or simply left alone. For more information, see Simple Watch Folders.



Advanced Import


note Note:

This feature is only available as an add-on module and requires separate purchase and activation.



Apart from simple file based capture, the Advanced Import mode enables you to capture documents based on their meta data available in index files. Docsvault can also name and file captured documents dynamically based on their index values even creating new folders in the system as necessary. For more information, see Advanced Watch Folders.