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This menu contains commands that allow users to customize and configure the display of Docsvault PDF Editor window.



The Toolbars submenu allows you to select or deselect the toolbars such as menu, file, standard, content editing etc to be displayed when you run the Editor.

Rotate View rotates the PDF page view by 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.

Bookmarks item shows the Bookmarks Panel. If the Thumbnails Panel is displayed, this hides it. 


Thumbnails displays the thumbnail display which allows selecting pages and performing operations. 

Other Panes - In addition to Bookmarks and Thumbnails, there are other panes that may be shown or hidden such as destinations, content, layers, comments, attachments, stamps palette and more...


Page Layout determines how pages are arranged in the PDF document Panel: single, continuous, two pages, two pages continuous, etc...


Zoom opens a dialog box to allow you to select or enter the zoom percentage to use to display the PDF pages.


Show opens a dialog to allow you to select the displaying of rulers, grid, guides or JavaScript Console.


Snap allows you to get accurate measurements of the drawing objects.


Go To allows you to go to particular page.


Full Screen Mode allows you to navigate the document easy in the full screen.