Stamp Pallet

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Stamp Pallet

Stamp Pallet


Use the Stamps Palette to add a custom stamp to the Stamp Tool. Docsvault built-in PDF Editor has a feature called the Stamp Tool. ico.tool.annot.stamp.32   The Stamp Tool can place an image on the page as though you were using a rubber stamp.  It comes with a number of default stamps, and you can also create your own custom stamps.  This is a very convenient way to repeatedly add the same content to documents.


Stamps can be created from image files or PDF documents.  To create your own stamp to use with the Stamp Tool you need to open the Stamps Palette and add a new item.  Click the small arrow beneath the Stamp Tool to display all currently available stamps in a pop up window.




At the bottom of this window you can select "Show Stamps Palette" to open up the Stamps Palette dialogue box where you can add, rename and delete stamps from your palette.


Default Stamps Palette


This picture shows palette of Standard stamps, Dynamic Dates stamps, and Customer stamp (here it's named Signature)


New stamps can be made from most image file formats or PDF documents; either from a file or the Windows "Clipboard".



Create a Stamp from a PDF

You can add custom stamps from either an image or PDF file or directly from the Windows clipboard.


Open a PDF file in Docsvault PDF Editor.

Click the small downwards facing arrow that is part of the stamp tool.




Click "Stamps palette" at the bottom of the "Standard" stamp set to open the Stamps Palette.  This is where you add, remove and modify your stamps.  You cannot modify the stamps in the "Standard" palette, you will need to create a new palette/ the bottom of the "Standard" stamp set to open the Stamps Palette.  This is where you add, remove and modify your stamps.  

Click "New From File". (If you have your desired stamp saved to your clipboard, the Editor will give you the option to click "New From Clipboard" skip step 5 if this is your desired method.)

Click newstampfile to select the file you want to add to the stamp pallet.  

Name the stamp

Click "Add New" next to "Target Collection" to add a new collection. select Target collection [drop down menu] to choose a target collection that has been previously created.  

Close the Stamps Palette.

You can now access your new stamps through the "Stamps Tool".


Things to consider when creating a stamp:


Most Image files are in a Raster format, and will pixelate when zoomed to a high degree, so make your stamp from an image pre-sized to what you need.

PDF documents can be either raster or vector based so be sure you understand what type you have.

If you want to have a transparent background to your stamp, you will need to use a suitable image format (.gif or .png being two common ones, but not jpg) or pdf.