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Show Comments List

Show Comments List

Show Comments List opens a scrollable list of all comments above the PDF Display Area, in the "Other Panes" area:



As you select different comments, the PDF Display will reposition to the correct place in the document.


Options. Determines the options of the comments.

Expand All. Allows you to expand all groups of comments in the list.

Collapse All. Allows you to contract all groups of comments in the list.

Group By Page. Groups comments by page.

Group By Type. Groups comments by type.

Group By Modification Date. Groups comments by modification date.

Group By Creation Date. Groups comments by creation date.

Group By Author. Groups comments by author.

Group By Color. Groups comments by color.

Group By Subject. Groups comments by subject.

Show Subjects. Shows subjects of all comments.

Show Authors. Shows authors of all comments.

Show Dates. Shows dates of all comments.

Show Text. Shows text of all comments.

Show Statuses. Shows statuses of all comments.

Show Colors. Shows colors of all comments.


The toolbar at the top allows you to do several things:


Next Comment and Previous Comment allow you to scroll up and down the list of comments.

Add Reply allows you to generate a reply to the selected comment.

Summarize Comments... allows you to summarize comments.

Delete deletes the selected comment, or the selected comments Group.

Properties opens comment properties pane.