Sharing files with internal users

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Sharing files with internal users

Sharing files with internal users


The files you store in Docsvault are usually available to everyone subject to their access right, but at times you may want to share specific files or folders with people who don't otherwise have access to them or are located in a deep nested folder structure..


doc_security Security:

Administrator group members, Document Owner and users with system rights of 'Change Security' can add documents to shared space.



You can share documents from Shared Space above Documents node on the left panel of the Docsvault interface.

In Shared by Me mode, click on New. Navigate to the location and select files/folders that you wish to temporarily share or

Navigate directly to the location and then right click on the selected files/folders to open its context menu and then click on Add to Shared Space. You can share a single file, multiple files and even an entire folder.

In the pop-up window, specify the users or groups with whom you wish to share the documents temporarily.

Assign Document Rights (read, write, delete) to the shared documents. When you share files and folders, you can decide whether to let people edit or just view them.

Choose when you’d like the shared documents to expire.

Click OK to share

Each recipient will get a pop-up message in their Docsvault client application as well as receive an email with the shared link to the shared item.


Note: Docsvault will check for new emails to send as per the schedule set by an administrator in Docsvault Server Manager > Email Alerts node.


Adding an expiry date for shared documents

When you share any file or folder in Docsvault with your internal Docsvault users, the shared documents will work forever unless you manually change the sharing permissions.


Docsvault lets you set expiration dates while sharing documents. For instance, sharing a document temporarily for 15 days and then revoking the access to that file after that period has passed.