Setting Up Inherit Index Fields

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Setting Up Inherit Index Fields

Inherit Values (Sticky Values)

If you want all documents under a certain folder to inherit specific index value from its parent folder, you can save time by applying the Inherit Value setting to make the value persist. With "Inherit" fields, the index field value is derived from its parent folder if that folder has the same index field assigned. The value is inherited from the parent folders until the data is overwritten.  

For example, you might use an inherit field to use the same project or vendors name for multiple documents without having to retype.

In the Indexes dialog, enable the checkbox adjacent to Inherit value.  This will inherit the index value from the parent folder if the same index field is assigned to the parent folder.


In the Profile dialog the inherited index fields is indicated under 'Assigned Indexes'.



Assigning Inherit Index Value



note Note:

When you paste a document that has been cut or copied in another location, the inherit value associated with the source document is retained.

When you split a pdf document, the newly created document inherits any sticky values associated with the original document.