What's New in V4.0.1319

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What's New in V4.0.1319

Important Server Side Components:


Docsvault Server Manager

This is the dialog to manage the server side of Docsvault software. The Server Manager dialog can be invoked from a Desktop Icon or from the Windows Start Menu.

Docsvault Services

The following tasks run as Windows services on the Docsvault server. Note that some services may be disabled if proper add-on license has not been activated on the server.


Docsvault Server Service: Provides connection services to client installations in network

Docsvault Alerts Service: Manages various system and user specified alerts

Docsvault Background Jobs Service: Performs various background jobs for Docsvault server

Docsvault OCR Service: OCRs scanned and image based PDFs imported into Docsvault

Docsvault Email Capture Service: Captures emails and attachments from various email accounts

Essential Database Services (if SQL database server is installed by Docsvault)

SQL Server (DOCSVAULT): SQL server service for Docsvault instance

SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher (DOCSVAULT): Indexes contents of documents imported into Docsvault and makes them searchable

SQL Browser: Provides SQL server connection information to Docsvault clients