Server Recommendations

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Server Recommendations

Up to 5 Users

Docsvault does not need any special server grade computer if you are a small group of around 5 users. You can designate any dedicated PC with a good processor, ample Memory (4 GB+) and enough available hard drive space for storing files imported in Docsvault. It is recommended that the Docsvault server be installed on a dedicated machine where no user works normally. This will avoid interference from other user interactive applications and prevent any possible performance deterioration.
Up to 25 Users

We recommend an entry level server with Xeon (or equivalent) processor, 4GB RAM and a Server 2003 or above OS.

Up to 100 Users
Depending on the document storage load and number of active connections a good entry to mid-level server with dual/Quad processors, 8GB RAM, SQL Server Standard or Enterprise Edition and a server 2003 or above OS.