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Restoring a backup
In the event that the original data on your hard disk is accidentally erased or becomes inaccessible because of a hard disk malfunction, you can use the Restore option to restore your data up until the most recent backup.

Docsvault allows you to restore data that was saved using backup function on the local/network location.


warning Warning:  

Restore option will restore back the data to the folder selected. All the previous data would be overwritten. You may use the Export Repository feature to export current files before restoring the old backup.



Select Repository node in Docsvault Server Manager dialog box.

Under the section of Restore, select the backup folder set for restoring. Then select the Full and Increment backups to be restored from the respective list box. If you have more than one backup set stored in your incremental backup, be sure to click on the correct set.

Click on Start Restore button. This starts restoring data and on completion, a dialog box will appear confirming the completion of a successful restore.



Restore  Backup


note Note:  

After the restoration process is over, Docsvault application needs to be shut down so that the changes can be made in the application.