Records Check In/Out

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Records Check In/Out


Records Check In/Out


For a reliable circulation control system, you will need to keep a log to determine the exact status of each stored record (e.g if checked out, with whom and when due).


To keep track of physical records follow the steps below:


In Record Retention Console, click Records Check In/Out to open  'Record Details' dialog box as shown below:



                                                            Records Check In/Out


Enter the Record id and click on the search icon.This will display the record details for verification before checkout.

Click on the Check Out button. This will pop up Record Check Out box.


                  Records Check Out


Check Out To:  Select the user from the list to whom record is to be checked out. For more information on how to create a user other than Docsvault user, see Circulation Settings.

Notes: Enter the notes to describe the reason for check out.

Due Dates: Enter the due date.

Enable the check box next to Send auto email reminder to automatically send email for due date reminder.  

  Note: To avail this feature, outgoing email setting has be set in Docsvault Server Manager. For more information on how to set the email alert, see Alerts in Server manual.