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Share Link

Share files and folders as a link


Files or folders in your Docsvault can be shared instantly with the Public Share Link feature. You can send the link to anyone over email, instant message or text message. Your recipient can then click the provided link to access the files.  
Public Share Links are ideal for replacing email attachments and sending files thru FTP.


Key Benefits

Recipients don't need a Docsvault account and they'll get an instant preview of the linked files or folder through their browser.

You can control who can access your links and for how long by setting password and expiration.

You can restrict your recipient from downloading a copy of file and allow them to view the file in Docsvault Previewer only.

Links are dynamic, which means that whenever they're accessed online they link to the most current version of your files. No need to keep re-sending the links as you update your work.

A share link report lists all users with the files access, and details all actions performed including logins and downloads.


This section covers:

Sharing a File

Managing Shared Links

Viewing Public Shared Links





Can I set a shared link to expire after a certain date?

In order to change shared link permission, generate a share link for a folder/file.

Right-click on the file/folder to open its contextual menu and select Public Share Link

Under the Share Options, check the box next to Expiry

Specify a date. The shared link will expire at the end of the chosen day based on your time zone.

Click Save to apply the expiration date to the link.


What happens if a recipient accesses a link after it has expired?

If someone visits a link after it has expired, it will display the page with the message that the shared link is no longer valid.


What happens if a file is deleted while it has an active shared link, but is later restored? Will it restore the file with the original link or create a new one?

If you delete an item with a shared link and then restore it from recycle bin, the original link is maintained.


How can I remove a file from the shared link?

You can remove a file from the link at any time from your Public Share node.


Edit the link and click on +Files link.

In the expanded panel, click the Delete button next to the linked file.

The delete file will no longer be visible to anyone who uses the link.


How do I unshare a shared folder?

If you're the owner of the shared files or an administrator users, you can unshare it any time.

Select the link from your Public Share node.

Click on the Expiry a link button.  The link will not longer be valid.


How can I limit access to a shared link?

You can set a password for any shared link that you create. This helps to ensure that only recipients with the password can access your shared content.


Can I rename or move a shared folder/file?

You can rename or move a shared folder/file within Docsvault. If you rename or move a shared folder or a file, it still remains shared.

How do I share a file or folder with others?

There are two ways to share the files or folders in your Docsvault with other.  You can create a share link and copy the URL and paste it into an email, instant message etc., or use Email Shared Link option to send email via Docsvault to your recipients.


Does my admin have any control over the shared link that I created?

Yes, Admin users have the ability to edit and reset the shared options set by you.


Why is ‘Anonymous’ Listed as a Recipient in my Share link listing?

If the link is sent through your own email software, and no tracking information is required to use the link, ‘Anonymous’ will be shown as the user who downloaded files in any reports or email notifications.