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Transform Selection


Transform Selection allows you to control the position, size and rotation of the selected object (comments, content objects).

To select a content object, you may use the Edit Content button from the Comment And Markup Toolbar.


X and Y. Allow you to position an object wherever you need to on the PDF page by applying X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) offset values to the object. You may  alter  the  location  by  changing  the  spin  boxes  directly  by  entering  position  values  or  by clicking the spin box up and down arrows. The PDF page coordinate system measures vertical position upwards from the lower left corner.

ΔX; ΔY. If checked, will allow you to set the offset values relative to the current position of the object.

Unit. The Units may be points, inches, centimeters, millimeters or picas.

Width. Horizontal size of object on page, in Units or percentage points.

Height. Vertical size of object on page, in Units or percentage points.

Rotation. This box allows you to rotate the object clockwise or counterclockwise.

Shear. Slants an object along a horizontal axis. To shear the object, enter a desired shear angle into the spin box.



Duplicate Annotations...


Duplicate Annotations... Duplicates selected annotations from the current page to the next one using specified parameters.


To duplicate the annotations open the Duplicate Annotations dialog box and set the options:


Duplicates Count. Sets the number of copies.

Horizontal Offset. Sets the horizontal offset.

Vertical Offset. Sets the vertical offset.

Page Offset. Sets the number of pages, which will be left without annotations.