Line and Arrow Tools

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Line and Arrow Tools

Line and Arrow Tools


The Line and Arrow Tools are two forms of the same markup control. By default, the Line tool is a solid line, and the Arrow tool has an arrow at the leading end.For both tools, click the appropriate button and a small cross-hair cursor appears. Select the starting point and then click-and-drag the cursor to the ending point. For the Arrow tool, an arrow head appears at the end of the arrow when drawn.


After drawing the line or arrow, you can add a pop-up note. .





The options listed below are in order from left to right as they are shown in the Properties Toolbar for the Line and Arrow tools


Fill Color is not an available property for the Line and Arrow tools unless there is a closed Starting Type, or Ending Type such as a Closed Arrow as shown below.




Stroke Color defines the color of the line and border of any line Ending Type or Line Starting Type.


Border Style controls the type of line that is displayed.




Border Width dictates the thickness of the Line and Arrow.


Note: Using Ctrl+5 will toggle between the actual width of the line, and 1pt view to make documents with numerous lines more clear. If the document is printed, the actual Border Width will be


Line Staring Type dictates the object if any at the beginning of the Line or Arrow.  




Line Ending Type dictates the object if any at the end of the Line or Arrow.




Opacity allows you to set the transparency of the annotation.


Blend Mode Controls the image editing in a way that two layers of the image are blended into each other. There is a standard set of blend modes. Separable blend modes are the following: Normal, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Darken, Lighten, Color Dodge, Color Burn, HardLight, Soft Light, Difference and Exclusion. Nonseparable blend modes are Hue, Saturation, Color, and Luminosity.


Keep Selected Keeps that selected tool active across all opened document unless otherwise specified.


Exclusive Mode Excludes annotations that might be overlapping the target text so that the text can be selected.


Note: You will not be able to Edit comments or annotations when this option is turned on.