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Fulltext Search Help


Having trouble in searching for files using 'Content Search'?


Full-Text Indexing Requirements:


1.SQL Full-Text Indexing service named ‘SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher’ should be installed and running on the server hosting the SQL database for Docsvault. By default Docsvault installs the SQL server database on the same machine as the Docsvault server. So if you did not specify your own SQL server during installation, SQL server machine is the same as the Docsvault server machine


2.IFilter: To have a full text searching capability for specific extension you need to have its corresponding iFilter installed on the machine where the SQL server database for Docsvault is running. The search service already includes iFilters for many file types as listed in the ‘Full-Text Search’ node of the Docsvault Server Manager dialog. See ‘Adding More File Types’ topic below for further information on adding new file types for content search.


3.Enable Full-Text within Docsvault: This feature is already enabled by default. However it can be disable/enabled from under the ‘Full-Text Search’ node of the Docsvault Server Manager dialog


Search Within Scanned Files:


If the optional OCR add-on is activated on the server side, Docsvault can OCR scanned and image based imported PDF files and make them searchable so that their content can be indexed by the indexing engine. In order to OCR image based PDF files please ensure that:


The scan profile used for scanning files within Docsvault has the ‘OCR Scanned Files’ option checked


OCR option is enabled for imported PDF files under the OCR node of Docsvault Server Manager dialog


OCR is activated and enabled under the OCR node of Docsvault Server Manager dialog


Adding More File Types:


By default, the operating system might not have the iFilters necessary to index popular file types such as .PDF, .docx, .xlsx, etc. The information below will help you install proper iFilters for these file types.


Note that iFilters need to be installed only on the machine where the Docsvault SQL database is running. It is not required to be installed on all client machines.


PDF iFilters


For 32-bit OS:
Installing the free Adobe Reader 9.0 + on the SQL server machine will install the necessary iFilters for PDF files.


For 64 bits OS:
Install the 'Adobe PDF iFilter 9 for 64-bit platforms' available freely from Adobe's website. At the time of this writing the 64 bit iFilter is available here.


Important:  You need to follow the steps below after installation for the new iFilter to work
Set your system PATH environment variable to the "bin"  folder of the PDF "iFilter"  dll file. To do this, from the "Control Panel\System\Advanced\Environment Variables"  tab. Select the variable named 'PATH' from the 'System variables' list and click on Edit. In the dialog that opens up, add (append – do not overwrite)";C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe PDF iFilter 9 for 64-bit platforms\bin\" without the quote marks at the end of the other text. Please ensure not to overwrite other paths that are present in that variable value text box - you just need to add the above mentioned path at the end.



Office 2007 & 2010 iFilters (.docx, ,xlsx. .pptx etc.)


Please download and install the 32 or 64 bit of filter pack depending on your OS bit from here.


Other File Types: You can find more information on different file type iFilters at:
IFilter.org [ifilter.org]


IFiltershop.com [ifiltershop.com]



Steps To Add More File Types


Install proper iFilter for desired file type on the SQL server hosting Docsvault database


Go to ‘Full-Text Search’ node of the Docsvault Server Manager dialog and click on the ‘Reload’ iFilter resources button.


Restart the ‘SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher’ service hosting the SQL database for Docsvault. This is done automatically if the SQL server is on the same machine as the Docsvault server.