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Full Text Indexing Requirements

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Full Text Indexing Requirements

SQL Full-Text Indexing service named ‘SQL Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher’ should be installed and running on the server hosting the SQL database for Docsvault. By default, Docsvault installs the SQL server database on the same machine as the Docsvault server. So if you did not specify your own SQL server during installation, SQL server machine is the same as the Docsvault server machine.


iFilter: To have full text searching capability for specific extension you need to have its corresponding iFilter installed on the machine where the SQL server database for Docsvault is running. The search service already includes iFilters for many file types listed in the ‘Full-Text Search’ node of the Docsvault Server Manager dialog.  
By default, the operating system might not have the iFilters necessary to index popular file types such as .PDF, .docx, .xlsx, etc. For further information on adding new file types for content search, see ‘Adding More File Types’ topic.