Fiscal Years

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Fiscal Years

Fiscal Years


A fiscal year or financial year is a period used for calculating annual financial statements in an organization. Fiscal years vary between businesses and countries. The fiscal year may also refer to the year used for income tax reporting.  For example, The U.S. government's fiscal year begins on October 1 of the previous calendar year and ends on September 30 of the year with which it is numbered i.e Fiscal year for 2012 ("FY2012") would be October 1, 2011 - September 30, 2012 whereas for personal tax reporting or that of many companies the financial year begins on Jan 1 and concludes on Dec 31.


In Reseller Retention Console, click Fiscal Years to open the fiscal years definition list

In the fiscal years definition list, click Add button.

In the box, type a year type for the Fiscal Year that you want to create. For example, the local fiscal year, state fiscal year etc.

Select the start date ( the end day will be calculated automatically)

Click Save.


To edit or delete a Fiscal Year, select the fiscal year  from the list and click the respective button.



Fiscal Years