Filing Documents from Filing Area

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Filing Documents from Filing Area

Filing Documents from Filing Area
The Filing Area will display the documents for filings from Server Watch Folders and Local Collect Folders. This new filing interface allows quick document profiling and placement of imported documents.


Each user will be able to set their individual Local Collect Folder from Filing Area. When any new documents that are copied or dragged into these Collect Folder, Docsvault will immediately list the documents in the Local Collect Folders for importing.



The documents for filing from Watch Folders will be visible to only those users who have filing rights.



Filing Interface includes tools such as Rubber Band OCR, Document Preview and buttons to navigate through image and PDF documents and their   pages before filling them in Docsvault repository.



Local Collect Folder



Highlight the files/folders for filing.


Select the folder in Docsvault from Import location section on the right panel.


On selecting the folder, its associated sections will be listed in the drop down box. Select the Folder Section.


Select Profile from the drop down list and enter index information into data fields  

You do have option to rename the file name before filing in File Name text box.

Enter the description.

For image or PDF files, you can use Rubber-Band OCR tool to quickly populate text in all meta-data fields (e.g. file name, file description, index fields). For more information, see Rubber-Band OCR.

Apply to Selected items and sub folders, click on this option if you wish to apply the above details to all the selected files.

Click on Import button to begin importing your documents.


note Note:

You can set Docsvault to automatically remove imported files from their originating hard drive folders after import by setting the "Delete source files after importing'" option from the Filing Area. If this option is not set then the duplicate document remaining on the hard drive is moved to the backup folder created by Docsvault on the same location.  To learn how to configure a collect folder, see Filing Area.

Unwanted or accidentally inserted files can also be deleted from the Server Watch Folders and Local Collect Folders.